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There never has been a religion that had any understanding of the genuine Godhead, nor have we had a scientific community engaged in an open-minded search for the truth.
These facts are plain horrifying!
 Even well into the twenty-first century, all our religions still worship their own human-made and fear-based gods. And even  today every scientific discipline still pursues the truth only insofar as that truth doesn’t violate “the  fundamental scientific dogma of materialism.” But there is in fact a genuine Godhead! There is no such thing as solid matter! So both science and religions are turning out after thousands of years to be dead-ended duds. But fortunately, a few clear-thinking people have been doing truly open-minded researchAnd in the face of ever broader dissemination of what these researchers have been learning, the scientific and religious strangleholds on what most people assume to be true are losing power. It is beginning at last to seem that soon, and wonderfully, the glorious truth will begin to dawn over all the earth! The researchers who are working now will be watching it happen from the bleacher seats, but we are proud even now of what we have spent these earth-lives doing for the enlightenment of humankind. And we are eager to watch these glorious truths bring freedom  from fear to all the world!

We talked last week about making predictions. That got my Thomas thinking. And he is saying now, “You want predictions? I’ll give you predictions!” He asks you to put his list into your personal-papers file, or perhaps just tape it to your refrigerator door. He says that by 2075, humankind in general is going to know that all these things are true:

  • Human consciousness is primary, pre-existing, and the source of life;
  • Time, space, and matter with its associated energy are all illusions;
  • This universe is in the nature of a thought, so it has neither size nor substance;
  • This universe – including all the past – is being re-created in each micro-instant;
  • This universe is just 200,000 earth-years old; and
  • The Godhead is a Collective of Perfected People.

As Plato wrote in about 400 BC, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in 1838 AD, so my beloved Thomas is telling us now that in fact “things are not what they seem!” Let’s summarize his points with reference to some of our prior discussions here:

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