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There are many people now spreading the word that we all survive the death of our bodies. A lot of them are near-death experiencers, so what they are teaching is little more than the fruit of their own mental adventures; but still, we are the first generation for which universal human survival of death feels like a strong possibility. So we also are the first generation to realize that universal human survival means that a lot of the physics developed over the last millennium has to be wrong.

I began my search for the truth about death as an open-minded skeptic. It took me years of reading century-old communications from those that we used to think were dead to be confident that there were so many consistencies in those reports – and no inconsistencies at all! – that the afterlife has to be real. But if the afterlife is real, then where the heck is it? To try to answer that question, I did a lot more research. I read books about scientific anomalies, astral travels, near-death experiences, ghosts and apparitions, psychic abilities, quantum physics, and various random phenomena. And I did that for decades before I found one book that fits with everything I had learned and sensibly explains it all.

That seminal book is Your Eternal Self by Dr. R. Craig Hogan, first published in 2008. I devoured Craig’s book with the sense that all the lights were turning on at last, not only in the room and in the house around me but also in my neighborhood and in all the world. I finally got it! I understood it all! What I had discovered in doing afterlife research and all that later research to try to figure out where the afterlife was happening actually fits together perfectly. I just had never had the vision to realize how much bigger and more complex the greater reality actually is. Craig Hogan has a vision that dwarfs my own. So I had to meet him! I sent him fan mail, I brought him to Austin and sponsored a very successful speaking engagement, and I eagerly talked with him for hours. Forever after, Craig Hogan has been my wise and beautiful mentor, and he has been my Seek Reality guest more than thirty times in eight years. To this day, whenever I have an especially stubborn question, I find that he has already thought about it and he can propose a good answer. Craig understands what is going on as does really nobody else on earth. He understands it all so completely that he can answer your stupidest questions in a way that makes you actually feel smart for having asked them. And now he is outdoing himself!

Craig Hogan has written four definitive books that together summarize his life’s work. Three of these books are already in print, and we have discussed them on Seek Reality. They are: Your Eternal Self: Science Discovers the Afterlife,which is an update of his 2008 breakthrough; Reasons for What Happens to You in Your Life and Your Afterlife: Revealed by Speakers in the Afterlifeand There is Nothing But Mind and Experiences. Craig’s easily-read summary of these three books is called Answers to Life’s Enduring Questions: From Science Discoveries and Afterlife Revelations. It will be out by the end of the year. Craig Hogan’s books are scholarly, while mine are meant for casual readers. His books are extensively sourced and end-noted, and at the same time they are entertaining and surprisingly easy to read.

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