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We have talked at length about what Jesus told us was His primary mission in coming to us as our Teacher two thousand years ago. He mentions the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven no less than eighty times through all four Gospels! We know from people that we used to think were dead that both phrases refer to what we call the sixth level of the afterlife, which is the level just below the Godhead. And Jesus makes it clear that His teachings are meant to bring to all humanity that perfect divine kingdom. He tells us that if we will follow His teachings, we can sufficiently transform humankind that we will create a literal heaven on earth!

A year ago we talked about what it might be like to at last bring the kingdom of God on earth, and thereby help to complete the Lord’s mission as He began it two thousand years ago. Every interpersonal and political problem, every source of strife would be gone! Community life over all the world would be a symphony of kindness, harmony, and love so complete that all the social ills that plague us now would at last be no more. Since every human mind is part of one mind, it has been estimated that if as few as five percent of all the people on earth were to substantially raise their consciousness vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love, then every other human mind on earth would begin to elevate as well, and we would thereby start a benevolent cycle that would make the advent of God’s kingdom over all the earth just a matter of time. So, let’s get right to it!

That is where I was a year ago. But after another year of watching humankind wallow in ignorance and fear, sadly my enthusiasm for this task has waned. There are seven and a half billion people on earth! To sufficiently elevate the minds of even one percent of all those people would require a public education campaign on an unprecedented scale; and then, once enough people had become convinced that spiritual growth was needed, it would require that they all work hard at raising their own spiritual vibrations away from fear and toward more perfect love. It seems to be clearer than ever now that if we continue to teach just a few at a time to begin to work at spiritual growth as we battle the dead-weight negativity of both clueless science and fear-based Christianity, at this rate we are going to have to spend at least a thousand years – and it might take us even longer than that! – just to raise the consciousness vibrations of enough of humanity to the point where we can even begin to affect the vibrations of everybody else on earth. And then what? Will it take us a further thousand years before we have raised the consciousness vibrations of all of humanity enough that we really can begin to transform the world?

I have been thinking of late that there has to be a way to get this done in less than two thousand more years! And I may have found one. See what you think.

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