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We enter our earth-lives as beautiful people, loving and kind and generous. Research scientists have just confirmed what every mother of an infant knows: babies are spiritually gifted people, just the sort of people we hope to one day become. I have reared three babies of my own and have been close to three infant grandchildren, so I have a bit of expertise! And I can tell you that right from birth, every infant is a unique individual and each of the six babies I have mothered began life as an amazingly spiritual being. They were all from the moment when they first saw light demonstrably lovingempathetic, and generous. Some were more sensitive than others, crankier or more contented, and easier or harder to please; but still, from their first interactions with others, those love-based spiritual characteristics were there. And doesn’t that make sense? They had come directly from a love-based world where these beautiful traits were universal!

But it isn’t long before life on earth starts to sour these little ambassadors of love. By the age of two, experts confidently tell us that all children are selfish and bratty, and they say that three-year-olds are worseSo if we start our lives as spiritual beings, why is it that almost immediately we spiritually devolve to the point where most of us will then spend the rest of our lives just trying to become as spiritual developed as we were at birth? In my view, this is the key question to be answered if we ever hope to re-invent our fear-based institutions and begin to build a perfectly love-based world.

Simply put, our fear-based institutions are the product of the flawed and hurting people that ignorant parents and mentors tragically make of those innately spiritual infants. All of humanity is trapped in this horrendous chicken-and-egg cycle! Damaged people create institutions that universally assume we are all damaged people who must be strictly controlled by fear and by other negative stimuli or human societies will sink into brutality.

It is in this that our longstanding reliance on science and religions as our sources of truth is revealed to be the dead-end cage that it is. Since science and religions are belief-systems that are hampered by their respective dogmas in their efforts to understand anything, together they now blithely  assure us that human nature is inherently evil. By their lights, we can never live together in reasonable peace unless we are constrained. This is true of science of course, where it is assumed that we are nothing more than animals who can stand upright. So negative human tendencies such as Machiavellianism, psychopathy, sadism, and narcissism (they call it “the Dark Tetrad”) are all traceable to their mimics in animal species and announced to be innate to our animal natures. And we know by now in abundance that Christianity considers humankind to be originally created in God’s image but rendered permanently evil because Adam, who was the first human being, chose long ago to disobey God.

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