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You have an intimate friend who loves you and is devoting your lifetime to helping you thrive. Your spirit guide operates in your mind, coaches and encourages you, and patiently helps you to learn and grow spiritually. Your primary guide is your biggest fan! And perhaps best of all, your guide is your intimate connection with the Godhead. I wondered as a child how God could answer the prayers of all the world’s children at once, and you likely have wondered about that, too, so it’s good to have this question answered. Since all our minds are aspects of the Godhead, the fact that your spirit guide acts for God in your life is the same as God’s acting directly.

This whole plan looks like perfection to me, so I am surprised to find that there are some to whom the fact that each of us has a primary spirit guide doesn’t feel like good news. My own guide tells me that as this planet’s consciousness vibration continues to rise and more people begin to hear from their primary guides in their waking lives, there is going to be confusion and fear on the part of some for whom this is a new concept. They might worry that God is policing them. They might feel entirely creeped-out. A few might see their spirit guides as invaders to be actively fought. Thomas is sensitive to our need not to overburden people, so he wants to begin this education gently. Here is what he wants to make sure that you know:

  • You cannot be in a physical body for long without a spirit guide. Your primary guide’s role is to assist you in making and then in fulfilling your plan for this lifetime; and while most of this work happens in face-to-face meetings while your body sleeps, it also happens throughout the day in little mental nudges and ideas, perhaps in flashes of inspiration, in feelings of anxiety or regret, in a song in your mind, and in surges of emotion. You long have thought these messages were coming entirely from your own mind, but that has never been the case. Your spirit guide is your mentor and protector, your intimate contact with the living God, and the most devoted friend you have.
  • Your primary guide deeply understands and completely loves you, no matter what. As you look around and read the news, you can see people giving their guides a hard time, ignoring their prompts to stick to their plans and even doing some terrible things. We have free will while we are in bodies, so we can choose to ignore our guides; but still, they will faithfully continue to try to understand and love and  help us. There are cases in the literature where someone has chosen to become so irredeemably evil that a spirit guide felt overwhelmed and chose to be replaced by a being more senior; but such cases are rare. Your spirit guide’s own development will be aided by your spiritual growth, so there is no one in heaven or on earth who is more eager to see you thrive!

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