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We are being told that “the veil between worlds” is thinning. And the evidence is everywhere! Where once all the things that we talk about here were considered to be woo-woo and fringy, now this whole field is trending mainstream. Surveys show that people are becoming steadily less religious but more spiritual. Easier and more frequent communication is happening now between the dead and the living; and astonishingly, just a year ago I began to hear from delighted widows whose dead husbands visit them in the night so they can again make love!

Additional evidence of the thinning of the veil between this physical reality and most of what exists is the amazing ease with which so many are working more openly with their spirit guides. We have been privileged to watch some of this unfold in the comments to these posts, and I hear from others by email who are deep in the wondrous feeling of finding themselves in waking contact with their spirit guides. This is brand, brand new! It is such a privilege to watch it begin, and even perhaps to help it unfold, although in this I am the most inadequate of experts.

Let’s briefly take a closer look at how this thinning of the veil is happening. We understand enough now about the physics of the greater reality to know that there is no actual “veil,” but instead the barrier between the dead and the living is an inherent property of consciousness itself. So this delightful thinning of the veil is telling us something very important about what is happening now to consciousness. To recap:

  • Human consciousness is a limited version of the base creative force that continuously manifests this universe.
  • Consciousness is all that exists. Everything that we think is real is merely an artifact of that base creative force.
  • Consciousness exists in a range of vibrations from the lowest, which we experience as fear, to the highest, which we experience as love.
  • Reality teems with beings whose own minds are part of that infinitely creative Mind, which is why A Course in Miracles tells us that there is only one of us here!

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