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When I last wrote here about spirit guidesI was still in my first flush of joy that I could speak directly with my primary guide after six decades of blind and deaf cluelessness! A few months before, he had broken into my daytime life through a medium because I was refusing to write Liberating Jesus. Who was I to write a book about Jesus? By the time of my blog post our crisis had passed, the book was being readied for publication, and I was settling into a deeper awareness of the greatest love there is. Your primary guide is your closest friend and your intimate channel to the heart of God. Your guide is that small voice in your mind, the naggings of conscience, a key memory, your artistic muse, perhaps a brilliant idea: your life has been governed by a nearly constant internal conversation that has worked so well that you may not have noticed there always have been two of you in it.

We have talked here about the fact that an effort is underway, being orchestrated at the highest levels of reality, to elevate the consciousness of this planet and thereby bring the kingdom of God on earth. And we are now being given to understand that as a part of that effort we are invited to begin a more open waking relationship with our primary guides. You cannot be in a body without a spirit guide! And as is true of every kind of human interaction, there are about as many variations on the spirit guidance relationship as there are people who are now in bodies. Here are some of its core characteristics:

  • Everyone has one primary guide through life. Our primary guide helps us design what amounts to a lesson-plan for this lifetime, and then works from within while we are here to help us execute it well. Our primary guide generally is more spiritually advanced than we are, and often is affiliated with us by soul-group, eternal friendship, a common passion, or perhaps all three. To be a primary guide is a big commitment! And it can be an efficient way for people who are no longer incarnating to continue to grow spiritually. My own guide has told me emphatically that the better I do with this lifetime, the more spiritual growth and overall merit he will attain from having guided me through it (no pressure!).
  • Many of us also have one or more assistant guides who are with us “for a season or a reason.” These auxiliary guides are chosen and supervised by our primary spirit guide to help us with anything, from learning to play the piano through writing and money-management to weight-loss, learning trigonometry, and even making friends more easily. Anything we might decide to take on may well require a new guide or two who will work as our primary guide’s assistants.

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