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When Ward Barcafer’s wife, Suzette Shockley, unexpectedly left him after 33 years of marriage, he was bereft and destitute; but then his Sue reached out and began a wonderfully close relationship with Ward right through the veil. The result is a series of books in which he shares with us what Sue has told him about her life now. In his second Seek Reality visit, we discuss his latest book,called Conversations from Heaven: Advice and Guidance from My Beloved Wife.Ward’s website is www.signsfromsue.com.

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Roberta Grimes

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Seek Reality podcasts by Roberta Grimes are excellent interviews of the top experts in the world about God, Jesus, Heaven, the afterlife, psychic mediums, paranormal, science and more. Her podcast interviews are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/237 


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