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Sherry Stirling Fernandez came from a broken home and was on the streets at seventeen. Then she married someone also down and out, and eventually they were parents of six, while all the while they were trying to figure life out.

Sherry and her husband worked together to build the life of their dreams, and in the process they learned so many of the secrets of life that everyone is searching for. The result is Sherry’s outstanding book called Life Mastery -Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential. Roberta calls this book a simple and wonderfully thorough day-by-day handbook to help you assess your life, and then work toward making it the best that it can be.

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Roberta Grimes

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Seek Reality podcasts by Roberta Grimes are excellent interviews of the top experts in the world about God, Jesus, Heaven, the afterlife, psychic mediums, paranormal, science and more. Her podcast interviews are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/237 


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