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When Mike Anthony’s father died unexpectedly, Mike thought he had been nothing more than molecules now dissolving in the earth. Mike’s father was desperate to comfort his distraught son, so he sent Mike increasingly emphatic signs of his survival that eventually could not be ignored. Mike tells the touching and powerful story of his discovery that his father had survived – as we all will survive – in his new book called Love, Dad – How My Father Died…Then Told Me He Didn’t – A Skeptic’s Proof There is Life After Death. Mike’s website is mikeanthony.com, and you can reach him.

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Roberta Grimes

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Seek Reality podcasts by Roberta Grimes are excellent interviews of the top experts in the world about God, Jesus, Heaven, the afterlife, psychic mediums, paranormal, science and more. Her podcast interviews are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/237 


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