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In his third Seek Reality appearance, Nathan talks about his second book, which is called Afterlife Interrupted – Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over – 2.

I have loved meeting and getting to know Father Nathan, who is a graceful and loving man literally chosen by Spirit to do the beautiful work of helping people to finish their transitions when for one reason or another they couldn’t complete them right away when their bodies died. Most of these deaths were unexpected, traumatic, and probably not at a planned exit point. You are going to love hearing his beautiful stories of divine love and spiritual growth!

Click the podcast audio link to listen to the interview:


Podcast Audio Interview


Roberta Grimes

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Seek Reality podcasts by Roberta Grimes are excellent interviews of the top experts in the world about God, Jesus, Heaven, the afterlife, psychic mediums, paranormal, science and more. Her podcast interviews are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/237 


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