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We have talked here about the fact that materialist mainstream scientists still continue to look for a source of consciousness inside the brain. Not content to wait for proof-of-concept, scientists even are racing now to develop a level of artificial intelligence that they believe can give rise to consciousness: they are building machines that can “repair themselves” and even can “eat, grow, and evolve.” These researchers are generally careful to say that their machines are not conscious now, but over it all there is an unspoken hope that if machines become sufficiently competent then actual consciousness might arise. They think about how we are going to know that some machine is “conscious”; and since their fundamental premise is so flawed because consciousness is not generated by the brain, they keep stumbling across issues and barriers that simply do not exist in life. They study anger in dreams with the astonishing belief that “(t)he research may ultimately help experts understand the neural foundation of the emotional content involved in nightmares,” even though of course emotion is a property of consciousness rather than an artifact of brain activity so what they are studying is merely the effects of emotions on the brain. Nor can they even begin to fathom such questions as what the mind experiences during the death process, or a genuine explanation for the beautiful phenomenon called Acquired Savant Syndrome.

Bernardo Kastrup is a young Dutch scientist who grasps the primary role of consciousness, and reading his work does give me hope that the willfully self-enforced Luddite cluelessness of modern mainstream science may not be forever; but meanwhile, you and I are left to do the work of studying consciousness that rightly belongs to career research scientists.

And there is another scientific pursuit that is fully as hopeless as trying to find a source of consciousness inside the brain. A great deal of time and money is being devoted now to searching for the origin of life in some version of a primordial soup. The term given to the whole broad area of trying to understand how life arose on earth is called Origin of Life research, and it has become a kind of demented sister to the ongoing search for a source of consciousness in the brain. While consciousness researchers do the rough equivalent of taking a radio apart to search for the source of Frank Sinatra’s voice, Origin of Life researchers are back-engineering living organisms to try to discover how inert chemicals once were combined in such a magical way that life was sparked into being. This insanity has been going on for decades, and it is so well funded that even largely unrelated scientific pursuits can be made more viable if their missions include an Origin of Life component. Repeated supposed breakthroughs have been announced, countless conferences have been held, and many learned articles have been published, all of which have amounted to nothing.

The problem is that research scientists have set themselves an impossible task. Not only must life be sparked into being, but it requires a cellular and chemical infrastructure to sustain it; and this means that life’s basic structures would almost certainly have to predate whatever first caused life to spark. Then for life to progress beyond single cells would require the development of DNA and so many other essential details that the odds against chance for randomly emergent life to then randomly create you and me turn out to be unfathomably long.

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