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It is amazing that deep in the twenty-first century we still don’t have good answers to humankind’s three most important questions. The scientific community has pontificated, and various religions have opined, but none of what any of them says feels right. Here is the sorry state of play, at a time when we really need to know!

  • What is God? Scientists beg the question by assuming no God, but the Judeo-Christian concept of a Big Guy on a Throne is no better. How can one God with human failings like anger and a reluctance to forgive have created this active universe full of an estimated one billion trillion stars, not to mention all the details of our planet with its seven billion people living complex lives? Those of us who study the greater reality have come to understand that the only thing that objectively exists is consciousness, and we assume that God is the love-based top, but how can creation really come from something so vague and vapory? No matter whose version of God we choose, if we are being honest we must admit that all of them are cartoonish and frankly inadequate to the task of being the omnipotent Creator God, and also the God Who hears every prayer.
  • Why does the universe exist? Or as the late physicist Stephen Hawking put it, “What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? … Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?” Physicists have no idea, but again, our religions are no better. Some say the universe was created as a place of misery to be overcome, or perhaps as a place where God can choose a few people to save and send the rest to hell. Others point to the notion that a lonely God might have needed worshipers. If a genuine God exists Who created this amazing universe, then it seems to be an insult to God for us to assume that God created it for a trivial, a selfish, or a barbarically manipulative reason.  
  • How did the universe begin? And what maintains it? Scientists have discovered the Big Bang, by means of which they propose that the entire universe began 13.8 billion years ago by expanding from something the size of a pencil dot to its present great size and complexity. But they cannot meaningfully speculate about how and why the Big Bang occurred, nor can they say how it has managed to avoid either collapsing upon itself or blowing apart in all the intervening eons. They simply beg every question again by telling us that the fact that the universe exists and is stable means that its beginning and subsequent stability were within whatever might have been the range of possibilities. And we have to admit that the Christian creation notions are plain ridiculous! The basic Bible version tells us that something like six thousand years ago this universe was created in less than a week. Every creation theory is so unsatisfying that there might as well be no theories at all.

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