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Scientists never make anything like the public fuss that they ought to be making about the fact that they cannot understand time at all. Apparently there is no scientific reason why time should run in one direction, why it should be constant and measurable, or even why it should exist; so pretty much the best they have been able to come up with is more scientific-sounding versions of the famous and perhaps apocryphal quote that is generally attributed to Albert Einstein: The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”Physicists have concluded that the passage of time is probably an illusion, so in desperation they have of late turned to philosophers and other non-physicists to try to gain some further insights. They even talk about wishing they could do away with time altogether. Some physicists are eager to find a way for time to have existed before the Big Bang, but apparently for most of their theories to be right, that pre-universe time must have run in reverse.

Mainstream physicists’ core problem remains what it long has been. They assume that this universe is solid and stable; that it began 13.8 billion years ago in a physical event that we call the Big Bang; and that it continues to chug along as an independent machine. The fact is that time is just one of many fudge-factors that the Collective which is the only God makes use of as It creates this physical universe. The great Rupert Sheldrake very enjoyable discusses a few of these adjustments that are continuously being made in his famously banned Ted talkIt turns out that objective time as we think we are familiar with it does not really exist at all.

I first wrote about time five years agowhen I was freshly fascinated by past-life regression therapy and how it meant that in a more enlightened age we might be able to heal the world’s past. Two years later I addressed an emphatically non-particle-physics version of what matter-bound physicists call spacetime. I am surprised to see how well those blog posts still hold up! Let’s just bring them forward now to help us better understand creation and the nature of the material universe that we believe is all around us.

Scholars of the greater reality of which this material universe is a part have come to understand that the following things are probably or certainly true:

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