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Recently we sat at the feet of the Lord and listened as He taught His flock. Among other things, freshly listening to Him made us realize that He was bent on achieving the almost immediate arrival of the kingdom of God on earth. He expected His spiritual revolution to start small and then grow rapidly, and to be substantially completed within the lifetimes of some of those who heard Him speak. This astonishing insight seized the imaginations of some of our readers here, and it prompted them to ask a question that also has been on my mind.

What would the modern world be like if the kingdom of God arrived on earth today? Let’s talk about that. This week we’ll discuss in more detail the kingdom of God that Jesus meant to begin here. Then next week we will all catch hands and step together into the possible world of our beloved Lord’s dearest imaginings!

In studying the words of Jesus, we have one big advantage over traditional Christians. We have the detailed and consistent testimony of people that we used to think were dead. For reasons I prefer to think are innocent, Christian leaders have long insisted that communicating with the dead was evil, and that all our dead communicators were actually demons in league with the devil. In fact, these warnings are patent nonsense. The Bible holds a number of accounts of ancient people speaking with those not in bodies! And for moderns who need Biblical permission, 1 John 4:1 assumes that we all talk with spirits. It says just, Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.” Every reputable medium of whom I am aware does exactly that. And we are being given now by those not in bodies extensive new ways to communicate across dimensions, including real progress with electronic communication that we are told will result in a telephone! In the face of this great effort being conducted at the highest levels to establish better communication, for Christians to continue to try to prevent our loving dialogue with higher levels is a literal rejection of the will of God. So we test the spirits, then we eagerly welcome what the dead have to say about the meaning of the Gospel words of Jesus.

I should mention for readers new to this space that one thing we know for certain is that Jesus did not come to die for our sins.The dead tell us that the death of Jesus on the cross has never made an afterlife difference for a single human being, which should not surprise us when Jesus Himself tells us that God does not judge anyone (see JN 5:22). The fact that God does not judge us has been plain in the Bible for two thousand years, but Christians have altogether ignored it! The whole doctrine of substitutionary atonement – the notion that Jesus came to die for our sins – was human-made in a primitive day when animals were being sacrificed in temples. It was a way for those who had been devastated by the unexpected death of their Messiah to make sense of that death in first-century terms, and to turn it into something that to them seemed positive. In our more enlightened age we are able to see the whole idea as a frank barbarity, an insult to God and a humiliation of Jesus, so we are relieved to learn it is bogus! And our knowing Jesus didn’t come to die for our sins now frees us to look to His Gospel words for a different reason still big enough to explain the amazing fact that God came to earth in the body of Jesus.

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