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The death of a child may be the most painful experience that life can bring. For most, the grief is a process to be managed; it isn’t something that you really get over. But many bereft parents find solace in gaining a better understanding of their children’s lives now, and fortunately the afterlife evidence has a lot to say about the deaths of children. From the perspective of the child, early death turns out to be a peaceful time of love and joy.

The Death Process for Children

Those in spirit who are given the special duty of managing childhood transitions already deeply know and love each child. They take special care to make certain that children who are leaving their bodies will never know fear. If beloved relatives have transitioned before the child, then Grandma or Aunt Jane will come to the child’s bedside and playfully lure the child away; or otherwise, the deathbed greeter might be an angel, a Star Wars hero, or even a religious figure. The point is to make that moment of freedom from the body a happy time for the child.

Often, pre-adolescent children will first be given some distracting treat. Tales abound in the afterlife literature of children taken to astral fields so they can play with the lambs, or led to the door of a beautiful child-sized playhouse full of like-aged children. Perhaps a little girl might wake up in a princess castle, or a little boy in the stable of the pony that he always wanted in life. Especially if there are no familiar people there to greet the transitioning child, it is important to ensure that these children – many of whom were very sick before death – will at once feel healthy and distracted and nurtured.

Evidence suggests that the very youngest will be tended by actual angels. Infants and miscarried children, and children who are the victims of abortion, are picked up by angelic beings and carried to the villages where they will grow to young adulthood. It is striking, and important, to realize that those who manage pre-birth deaths make no difference between discarded fetuses and those that had been wanted by their parents.

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