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It became clear soon after my last post was made that many readers are not familiar with spirit guides. This is an area where I am not expert, but I’m competent to give you a beginner’s course. Let’s do that now! Your life will be richer and more fulfilling when you have a better sense of the spirit-friends who are lovingly there all through your life, helping you keep a steady hand on your tiller. All of us have spirit guides. There is one who agreed before you were born to be your primary guide through life, and as you take up various kinds of work or hobbies and perhaps experience trials there will be others who join or leave your team. Only your primary guide will be permanent, but if you are doing much in your life, you likely have a number of long-term guides. I have been surprised to learn that I have eleven.

Your team talks with the teams of those around you! It’s as if each of us is a celebrity surrounded by invisible retainers. This summer I have been helping to edit the autobiography of Mikey Morgan, a sixth-level being who came back to live a brief life and then to die at twenty so he could become familiar with modern people in order to teach us through the veil. I met his mother, Carol, in 2011 when she sat down near me at an afterlife conference and began a conversation. It was only when I read Mikey’s account of that meeting that I learned that he had cased the room, looking for someone to mentor Carol, and he had learned from my invisible retainers that I am a writer and an afterlife expert. And I am – what did they tell him? – friendly and enthusiastic. They thought I would give Carol the help that she needed. I was astonished to read this. I had had no idea at the time that I was moving through that conference with invisible handlers who were representing me to other invisible teams!

Your guides work beneath your conscious radar. Many nights while your body sleeps you will travel out of it to meet with your team; you’ll discuss current issues and get their advice, which is why “sleeping on it” works so well if you have a big decision to make. When something in particular is troubling you, it can help to pose it as a simple question as you are settling down to sleep. Then pay attention to your first thoughts in the morning. It can take a few months to iron out this process, but if you are persistent in framing your questions and expecting morning answers to be there, you should indeed begin to find that even if it isn’t the answer you were hoping for, some sort of answer will be there when you awaken. Your primary guide will put thoughts into your mind, will steer you toward or away from ideas, will comfort you when you are down, will make you extra joyful when things go well. He or she becomes something like a part of you. My primary guide has left me briefly only twice in my life, and each time his sudden absence made me feel frail and helpless. An important part of what I had thought of as myself was abruptly gone.

So who are these people, anyway? Why do they work so hard to help us? Our primary guide will generally be a close eternal friend who is probably more spiritually advanced than we are. Being a primary guide is a privilege and a great responsibility. Assisting people now in bodies to achieve greater spiritual growth in this lifetime helps our spirit guides to grow spiritually as well.

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