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All of us have spirit guides who help us live the life-plans that we made before we were born. It must have been my primary guide who spoke to me from out of the light when I was eight, but in all the sixty years since that night I never had wanted a daytime meeting with him. We travel out of body during sleep and meet with our guides on many nights, and I always have felt well-guided.

Then on February 21st of this year I had a telephone reading with Susanne Wilson, who is a wonderfully gifted spiritual medium. My intention was just to visit my family, but toward the end of the hour my spirit guides asked to speak with me. I learned on that Saturday afternoon that I have eleven guides. Four of them help with my personal life; three work with me on writing fiction; and three assist with my afterlife-related projects. And then my primary guide stepped forward and announced that his name is Thomas. In his penultimate earth-lifetime, he was – imagine a drum-roll – Thomas Jefferson.

I was less dumbfounded when I first heard this than you might expect. I have had for my entire life an intense affinity for Thomas Jefferson, even to the point of keeping a life-sized bust of him in my office. I also wrote a well-received novel about his ten-year marriage that was published by Doubleday in 1993 and reissued by Wheatmark last year. It was entitled – this seems ironic now – My Thomas. Thomas told me that he actually had “co-written” that novel, which explained a lot! I always had known that it was better than anything I could have written.

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