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Despite extensive evidence that human consciousness is primary and it pre-exists the universe, mainstream scientists still believe that nothing exists that is not material. They are certain that your mind, your personality, all that you are is generated entirely by your brain, so when you die your mind will blink out like a light.

All of this is nonsense, of course. For your material brain to generate your mind is flat-out impossible. But because materialism is a “fundamental dogma” of modern physics, it still permeates all of mainstream science. And it leads researchers to propose ever more lunatic projects. I’ll give you three that have lately come across my desk, and then we’ll talk about some reasons why we can be certain that our brains do not generate our minds.

1) Mind Uploading Will Replace God. The notion that soon we will be digitally uploading the minds that are generated by our meat-brains so we can survive our physical deaths is so deeply nutty that even after having read this article three times I still cannot figure out the sense of it. “Being able to upload our entire minds into a computer is probably just 25-35 years off given Moore’s Law and the current trajectory of technology growth and innovation” the author confidently informs us. How is this possible, when scientists are sure that your mind is just an artifact of your meat-brain? The author says only, “mind uploading is generally considered possible by experts. After all, humans are just material machines, striving to create other machines that mirror ourselves and desires. Ah yes. We’ll translate all the information in your brain into bits and make a copy of you online. But what about your individual awareness? Your emotions? Your sense of being who you are? No mention of how we’re going to transfer all of that. And once this miracle of uploading our minds is achieved? “Expect a much more utopian society for whatever social structures end up existing in virtual reality and cyberspace. But also expect the real world to radically improve.”Utopia!

2) Thoughts Being Transmitted by Brain-to-Brain Link. In the strictly material world of mainstream science, it is very big news that a readout from someone’s brain can now be interpreted by someone else. “Using noninvasive means, researchers made brain recordings of a person in India thinking the words “hola” and “ciao,” and then decoded and emailed the messages to France, where a machine converted the words into brain stimulation in another person, who perceived the signals as flashes of light. From the sequence of flashes, the French recipient was able to successfully interpret the greetings.”What a great mess of trouble just to say “hello”!

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