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Tech billionaire Peter Thiel warns us that science is in a period of what he calls the “Great Stagnation”. He frets that we are stuck in what he sees as a “culture of conformity” because “innovation depends on individuals who are willing to pursue unconventional, or even controversial, ideas.”

Mr. Thiel, you are exactly right. The Great Stagnation began a century ago, when the scientific community refused to investigate a flood of good afterlife communications that amounted to something close to proof that people easily survive their deaths. Instead of having a look, scientific gatekeepers worried that science might inadvertently find God, so they adopted materialism as what was then called science’s “fundamental dogma.” Materialism has since hardened into a requirement for all mainstream scientific inquiry. Of course, anything that is based in a dogma has become a belief-system and is not a genuine science any longer. All of this results in what you have observed. Physicists have been floundering in the weeds for a century.

Oh, but they still put up a brave front. They have the money to build particle colliders that enable them to earn a living while they discover nothing very useful. The recent run of the Great Hadron Collider failed to find some thirty particles required for important theories of physics that have been in place for decades. And yes, the last run of the GHC did discover what is believed to be the boson that gives subatomic particles their mass; but what physicists still fail to consider is a more important question that goes to the very heart of physics. Why is a Higgs Boson necessary in the first place?

This problem of restricted scientific inquiry has handicapped some brilliant careers. Ethan Siegel, in a terrific book review entitled Einstein, Schrodinger, and the Story You Never Heard: How “Faith” in the Universe Destroyed Two Brilliant Men of Genius, tells us how two of history’s greatest physicists were tripped up by their materialist prejudices reinforced by their need to keep themselves in conformity with the materialist party line. Siegel wonders, “(H)ow many of the ‘best’ theoretical ideas that lack evidence at the present – supersymmetry, extra dimensions, grand unification, string theory – will turn out to be completely wrong?” Since all these theories are attempts to make sense of a universe that is not material while remaining grounded in materialist dogma in order to keep careers alive, my suspicion is that all of these theories are wrong. But we won’t know that for sure until we can turn physics back into a genuine science.

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