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Last week I was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Beginning while the show was still on air, I received a wonderful flood of emails, so many that it took me two days and nights to answer them all. Most were questions or comments, but a few were heartbreaking stories. One of these came from Dawn. Hers was one of the first emails I opened, and it was so full of pain that it brought tears to my eyes.

She said in part, “Faith died on December 15, 2014. She would have been 3 in February on the 25th. I don’t know how to find my way through this. Most days I hope someone will smash into me on the freeway and end it without it being my own fault. My baby, who could get in and out of the bath tub alone, drowned with no splash, no hitting her head, in the tub within moments of my sister getting her own toddler son out of the same bath in the master bedroom. How am I supposed to understand this, let alone go on?”

What could I say to comfort her? I talked about how we plan our lives, and “especially when you describe the way she died, I find it hard to believe that could have been anything but planned. Your gift to her will be to learn and grow spiritually. I know you find it impossible to believe this now, but when you are hugging the lovely young woman she will be when you see her again, you will understand. Dear friend, you live many lifetimes! You have reared children in other lifetimes, and you will do it again – this lifetime is just one hard day at the gym. And for this particular lifetime you are working at gaining spiritual gifts that perhaps you can’t achieve in any other way. The growth to come is her gift to you.” I had hours of answering emails ahead, and no time to say more. But I winced as I hit Send.

The next day Dawn sent me an astonishing email. The most important parts are in italics. “Thank you for taking so much time to write to me. I need to share something with you that I just found out about. My sister’s husbands family spent time with my Faith that I was not a part of as I worked. His younger sister, Angel, had a dream about Faith just last night. The same night I was reaching out to you and hurting so so bad. She texted the dream to my sister, who just told me about it… In the dream Faith appeared at a family party, and everyone knew she had passed but was so excited to see her. Faith was happy, giggling and excited by the attention and told them that she could not stay long and she had to go home. She went into a jumping house thing and Angel woke up crying.”

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