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Edward O. Wilson, a world-renowned expert on ants, is the idol of a certain intellectual class that holds to a version of the scientific dogma of atheistic materialism that is softened by lofty and optimistic ideas. Human beings are alone in a clockwork universe, just the random products of evolution, but nevertheless we are unique random products. Wilson’s latest book is apparently entitled The Meaning of Human Existence, which seems to sums up his philosophy: we are random dust, true, but we are what you might call a higher class of random dust.

I wish I wanted to read his book. He has given it such a wonderful title! But one quotation from a review in Scientific American lets us know that Wilson’s ideas sadly still are based in the Luddite thinking that investigating only part of the evidence so we can preserve our scientific dogmas will nevertheless give us sufficient knowledge to let us grandly pontificate. Apparently Wilson says:

“Hope and wish for it otherwise as we will, there is no evidence of an external grace shining down upon us, no demonstrable destiny or purpose assigned us, no second life vouchsafed us for the end of the present one. We are, it seems, completely alone. And that in my opinion is a very good thing. It means we are completely free.”

 Now, any writer who pens those words – and I take them from a review, so I preserve some small hope that they did not actually come from Wilson – is proclaiming his adamant adherence to ignorance. It is impossible for any western human being in the twenty-first century not to have encountered near-death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences (OBEs), deathbed visions, afterlife communications, and all the enticing bits of evidence that the brain does not generate the mind. For Wilson to be aware of these phenomena, as certainly he must be aware, and still blithely to state that “there is no evidence” is the clearest testimony I have seen in awhile that orthodox science is dying before our eyes of self-inflicted wounds.

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