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A recent article entitled Scientifically, What is the Worst Way to Die? reviews some of the most horrendous forms of death by torture ever devised. Then it concludes that when every aspect is considered, including the intensity and duration of the pain inflicted and the degree of psychological suffering, the very worst possible way to die is the way that most of us will die. It notes that today “the leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer, which together accounted for 63 percent of all deaths in the US in 2011. People with these and many other diseases often live longer than their ancestors, but those final increments of life are more drawn-out and painful.”

And this news it even worse than it seems, since people who die in pain as the result of an acute event tell us they were out of their bodies during the process. Those who have died in auto crashes, for example, talk about having watched their fatal accidents from above or from the roadside. So it is likely that those being hanged, drawn and quartered also were safely out of their bodies. But our elderly loved ones too often have inflicted upon them years of suffering in the delusion that even such a damaged life is better than the alternative. It is not! The least that those we love deserve is comfortable and peaceful deaths.

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