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One thing about doing afterlife research and better understanding our greater reality is that what you learn helps you to establish evidence-based opinions on a great many things. At one time, I had little concern about capital punishment. So long as we executed only the guilty, what was the harm? To read of the despicable crimes that some of these criminals had committed made you feel almost as if the government were doing little more than eliminating vermin.

I know better now. Sadly, though, since most of our society remains clueless about how reality works, those responsible for carrying out executions have no way to understand all the harm they are doing! Here are some reasons why executing criminals never is a good idea, no matter how humanely it can be done:

  • It is impossible to kill a human mind. Our minds are eternal, and that includes the minds of the most notorious criminals. Eternal. You can execute their bodies, but their minds go on forever.
  • A mind freed from the body by death may or may not transition to the afterlife. There is considerable evidence that we have the choice of whether to stay or go, and evidence as well that people fearing judgment for things they may have done in life often decide not to make the trip.

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