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I had thought we needed a break this week from dealing with scientific dead-ends, so I was going to talk about sex in the afterlife. You would be surprised to know how often I am asked that question! But I have been accumulating links toward a future post on scientific breakthroughs, and now seems to be the right time to use them. Stay tuned: next week sex is on the way!

It was big news last week that scientists at Southampton University in England had studied more than 2000 patients who had suffered cardiac arrests in the UK, the US, and Austria, and they had found that some forty percent of them had “some kind of ‘awareness’ during the time when they were clinically dead and before their hearts were restarted.” At least one man watched his resuscitation from above and was able to describe it in detail. Well, yes. This was big news only because mainstream scientists have ignored the vast body of literature that has developed around those studying near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). This phenomenon of people watching from above as medical personnel work on their bodies is surprisingly common. It is common, too, for people to leave their bodies spontaneously. Indeed, the evidence strongly suggests that each of us goes out of body every night to be with loved ones and to confer with guides. So now mainstream scientists have discovered that the mind is able to survive and be conscious apart from its body. Hooray! This is only basic evidence of what open-minded folks have known for years, but it’s a start. Let’s hope their enlightenment continues.

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