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The question of future human evolution has been faddish among popular-science types. Some argue that human evolution is at an end because our culture and our ease of travel make further natural selection impossible. Others, though, see us likely evolving in ways that will radically extend our earth-lives, including perhaps fertility into our eighties, interfacing our brains with robots, and even coming up with ways to download ourselves right to computers and thereby become “immortal.” It is spectacular to see them continuing to miss the whole point of our being alive.

In order to understand the likely course of future human evolution, we first must understand what human beings are:

1)    Human minds are part of eternal Mind. These human bodies and brains that may or may not be continuing to evolve are nothing but temporary probes that we use to experience the illusion of earth-life. Our minds remain part of eternal Mind. That is who we really are!

2)    We never began and we never will end. The evidence that human minds survive our deaths is so abundant and so consistent that it is impossible for any open-minded person who examines the best evidence to reach a different conclusion.

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