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One of the primary indications that what the dead have been telling us is true is the fact that the study of the afterlife turns out to be giving us a whole new physics. It isn’t about death at all. Instead, it is the next stage of quantum physics, the end toward which medical practice is tending, the answers to astronomers’ greatest questions, and the final retort to anthropologists who consider people to be just apes. It is the brand-new physics that physicists have been struggling to assemble for a hundred years. It’s a Consciousness Theory of Everything that seems to solve the biggest problems in modern science.

Because this is a new foundational science – it’s the third great physics, beyond Newton and Planck – for those few of us who have figured it out enough to understand what the dead are revealing, it makes popular science magazines lots of fun. Scientific American and Discoverare my favorites. They are full of accounts of the groping that frustrated scientists still are doing, trying ever more desperately to make insanely complicated and ultimately ridiculous theories make sense. We can see where they are going wrong. We can guess at the eventual solutions to their problems that will be documented only when physicists at last take over from hobbyists the thrilling new study of consciousness-based physics.

All the current scientific foolishness would be pass-the-popcorn time if it were not so tragic. The plain fact that physicists are trying not to be too plain about is that none of their theories for unifying Newtonian physics with quantum physics have panned out. The Great Hadron Collider was their best shot. And except for finding what they believe is the Higgs Boson – apparently found now, but still inexplicable – they have been unable to find any of the particles that all their grand unifying theories have predicted.

As you know if you have been reading these blog posts, the third wave of physics isn’t complicated. It’s simple. In recent weeks I have been sharing with you modern science’s stupidest problems, together with possible third-wave-of-physics answers. As I hear from readers, I find that these discussions are resonating with you, so here for your delectation are three basic third-wave observations based upon what the dead are telling us:

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