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After two experiences of light in childhood, naturally I was an ardent Christian. Having married a Catholic, I was a Catholic Christian, a Catechism teacher, a Lector, and such a devoted daily reader of the Bible that I have read it cover-to-cover at least a dozen times. Each time I got to the final page of Revelation, I would read the New Testament a second time and then plunge back in with Genesis I. I was a Christian with a Capital “C.”

But during all those years, I also was reading volumes of early-twentieth-century communications from dead people. In hundreds of British and American communications, never have I found any evidence that God or another religious figure ever has judged anyone; nor have I seen the smallest hint that the death of Jesus makes an afterlife difference. Gradually, the disconnect between what Christianity insists is true and what the dead were telling me became so unbearable that I stopped altogether reading the Bible in my early fifties. I still went to Mass for my husband’s sake, but I tried not to listen. I tried to ignore the life-size, full-color bleeding Jesus who looked down sadly from the cross above the altar.

It took me further years of researching the afterlife before I developed enough conviction to be able to say these words aloud: “Christianity is wrong. Jesus does not redeem us.” I ducked, but there was no lightning bolt. At that point, I was no longer a Christian.

I feel foolish now about not having gone back sooner to reading only the Gospels. I remembered enough of what Jesus had said to know that some of it jibed with the afterlife evidence, but still I was afraid that perhaps he had said some things that were glaringly untrue. And, Christian or not, I still loved Jesus. I couldn’t bear to test him.

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