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I guest frequently on radio programs, and some recent hosts have ask me to address the suicide of Robin Williams with the hope that I can comfort the many people who love that beautiful man. I love him, too. But I have little comfort to give to radio listeners, and I don’t plan to discuss his passing on my own weekly program, Seek Reality. The best news that the afterlife evidence offers to us about suicide is that it is not all bad news.

To understand why killing yourself never is a good idea, it is important to know a few basic things. Briefly:

1)    The chance to learn on earth is a gift. We are told that there are many more people wanting to live an earth-life than there are bodies to accommodate them, and we who are here are the fortunate ones who were given this phenomenal opportunity.

2)    We plan our lives. In close cooperation with our guides and with those who will be important in our lives and their guides, each of us writes a pre-birth plan. We cannot say for certain that every bad thing that happens in our lives is planned, but the evidence is strong that we eagerly plan to have bad things happen so we can grow spiritually. An easy life is like an easy gym session: it doesn’t build much spiritual muscle.

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