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The afterlife evidence and the Gospels agree so closely in so many details – some of them very small details – that we can prove now that Jesus did in fact come to us two thousand years ago with knowledge that could have come only from God. And that is big news! But since mainstream Christian dogmas do not agree with either the Gospel words of Jesus or the afterlife evidence, I think it may be time for us to consider the possibility that Jesus’s mission may have been different from the one assigned to him by mainstream Christianity.

Of course, here comes my usual disclaimer. If you are a contented traditional Christian, please skip this blog post. I have no wish to challenge your beliefs. But if you are an open-minded seeker who would like to consider Jesus in an extraordinary new light, then read on!

I am by no means the first to consider the teachings of Jesus to be sufficient in themselves. Thomas Jefferson is a revered American Founding Father, and he also is what I think of as the founder of originalist Christianity. In later life he renounced most of the Bible, but he daily read the Gospel words of Jesus in English, French, Latin, and Greek pasted into a copybook side by side. By then he was contentedly referring to himself as “a sect by myself.”

Jefferson said that the words of Jesus stand out in the Bible “like diamonds in a dunghill,” and when you read the Bible through and reach the Gospels you can see what he meant. Of course, a few of the Gospel words of Jesus are lumps of coal among the diamonds. He talks about a fiery hell; he calls Peter the rock on which he will build his church. These passages are inconsistent with the afterlife evidence and also with the rest of the Gospel teachings, which leads me to believe that they are doctrinal edits. But if we ignore these few atypical bits, then what we have left in all four Gospels is a message that is stunningly consistent with the modern afterlife evidence. Let’s look at what our beloved Wayshower and Best Friend actually said.

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