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One of the reasons why it is so essential that mainstream scientists begin to get a clue about the nature of reality is that the truth is so wonderfully explanatory. Human minds are part of eternal Mind, which is the core creative force and the only reality. All of this is as scientific as anything could be scientific, and it is at the core of what we all should be thinking as we study reality.

Mainstream science, however, remains a belief-system. Whatever doesn’t fit its predetermined dogmas is taboo, and cannot be studied by any scientist who cares about his own career.

If you don’t believe me, then listen to my friend Hank Green, who is a wonderful popularizer of traditional science and my particular guilty pleasure. Green puts out frequent videos on Scishow.com that explain a lot of cool scientific stuff. The videos are brief, the information is wonderful, and the man himself is so entertaining that I cannot get through the day anymore without watching at least one SciShow video. While Green himself would be the first to insist that every scientist stay on the mainstream reservation, he is open-minded enough to at least say that scientists have their own taboos.

Green cheerfully tells us that scientific taboos have existed “forever” because scientists are desperate to protect “their jobs, their tenure, or their credibility.” He lets us know that today this unwillingness to study anything that doesn’t fit “current social norms” is called “the Simmelweis Reflex” after Dr. Ignaz Simmelweis, a Hungarian physician who in the 1840s proposed that doctors should wash their hands before delivering babies. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries so many women died of childbed fever that it was normal for men to bury several wives. Simmelweis was preaching common sense, but his radical idea was received with horror. He was fired from his job and hounded out of medicine, eventually dying in 1865 in an insane asylum.

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