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I have heard from a number of people about my blog post entitled Physics in Crisis, including someone who asked a question that has been on my mind for awhile. How is it that in the year 2014 nearly everyone pursuing a career in science still insists on building that career on core beliefs that are flat-out wrong?

The way I more often phrase the question is, “Could I be crazy?” I don’t think so. Everyone who has open-mindedly studied the evidence has drawn the same conclusions about the nature of reality that I have drawn. We can’t all be crazy! But you must agree that it is flat-out strange that most real scientists continue to stonewall evidence that doesn’t fit their theories. By default, in 2014 many of those doing genuine science are non-scientists.

Never having taken a course in physics, I am a quantum physics enthusiast. The great Max Planck is my personal hero. Never having taken biology beyond one mandatory course in college, I consider Bruce Lipton to be a transformative figure. Because knowing the truth is so essential but the real scientists don’t seem to be pursuing it, I join other open-minded researchers in doing science. When eventually mainstream scientists return to open-mindedly seeking the truth, we will be delighted to give them back this baton!

To be worth pursuing, every scientific theory must do three things. It must fit all the known facts, it must not be readily refutable, and it must be predictive. It still might not eventually be shown to be right, but if a theory passes those base tests then it needs to be pursued and further tested.

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