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One of my vices is popular science magazines, and I especially love Scientific American. It’s full of articles that are candy for the mind, luscious insights you might never use but you feel better equipped for life by knowing them.

I began reading my favorite magazine a decade ago, as I was trying to puzzle out the physics of the afterlife levels. It is an extraordinary fact that nearly two hundred years of communications from the dead are so breathtakingly consistent with one another, and in some cases so detailed, that as quantum-physics-for-dummies books began to be more widely available in the first years of this century it became easy for investigators to puzzle out how the afterlife works and how reality fits together. The physics of the afterlife levels is a more extreme version of what we here call quantum physics. Our quantum physics is a kind of plug that connects the matter-based physics that exists just in this material universe with the consciousness-based physics of most of reality. When I first realized this, I felt the way working scientists must feel when they make a discovery. Wow. Just, wow.

I love Scientific American. So to read the lead article in the current issue made me sad in the way you’re always sad when a personal hero shows feet of clay.

The article talks about a crisis in physics as if this were a new event. In fact, physics has been in crisis ever since the immortal Max Planck and his brethren came up with quantum physics more than a century ago. Newtonian macro-physics and quantum physics don’t fit well together. Each of them is demonstrably right, but generations of physicists have been unable to come up with a theory that unites them.

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