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A Course in Miracles was channeled to us in the 1960s by a team in Spirit led by Jesus, and it was meant to be a modern restatement of the simple Gospel teachings. But it went right over our heads! Roberta’s period of working through the Course with a study group was among the most formative of her life, and Joyce Stewart is a leading teacher of the Course. Together they explain why A Course in Miracles is such an important part of everyone’s spiritual growth journey.

  • ACIM guide by Joyce Stewart: In this book. Jesus takes Bible verses and beliefs taught in church and shows us how they are based on fear and how to interpret them from a place of love, the original intent when they were given. The book teaches us how to apply the teachings of Jesus through our life experiences rather than focusing solely on theology. It helps people sort through their perceptions, illusions, and ignorance about life and spiritual issues and to discover what reality and truth really are. We live our lives caught between illusion and reality and don’t always know how to differentiate between them. Some of the topics the book addresses are miracles, atonement, the ego, healing and wholeness, love, God, the Holy Spirit, truth, forgiveness, peace, salvation, justice, and fear. nemmar.page.link/354
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Roberta Grimes

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Seek Reality podcasts by Roberta Grimes are excellent interviews of the top experts in the world about God, Jesus, Heaven, the afterlife, psychic mediums, paranormal, science and more. Her podcast interviews are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/237

Using nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence, quantum physics, consciousness research, and ancient writings, we seek to understand who and what we are, how reality works, the nature of God, and the meaning and purpose of our lives. The truth is accessible to us now, and it is beyond-belief wonderful! Join us each week as we work together to better understand our one reality and gain insights into how we can make the most of the glorious eternal beings that we are.


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