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Mikey Morgan is an advanced being who enjoys teaching in the afterlife levels. Like other advanced beings, Mikey has become concerned about the present state of life on earth, the hatred and violence, and the inability of most of us to make spiritual progress. Mikey wanted to re-accustom himself to life on earth so he could teach us through the veil, so he accepted a brief earth-lifetime that ended in 2007 at the age of 20. Flying High in Spirit is Mikey’s first book, dictated to his mother by pendulum. He begins by recounting in fascinating detail his unexpected death, his return to the afterlife levels, and his dawning recall of who he is and what his pre-birth plan had been. Mikey’s vivid account of how the afterlife levels feel to someone who has just returned, the sights and the activities, and his description of how he manages to reassure and comfort his family on earth all make for fascinating reading. 

In Flying High in Spirit, Mikey shares important eternal truths in ways that are easy for us to understand. He speaks to us frankly and cheerfully about how life works, how reality works, what the afterlife is like, and how we all can make the kind of spiritual progress that he has made. He teaches us, and he snowboards. Oh, does he snowboard! One of the wonderful lessons that Mikey demonstrates is that eternal life is fun. 

Mikey Morgan is unique. Few of those who have reached the sixth level of the afterlife are in contact with the earth, and fewer still have made his kind of effort to understand us before attempting to share their wisdom. Mikey is an advanced teacher who is able to relate to us as a twenty-first-century boy on the threshold of becoming a man. He is cheerful, playful, wise, and full of love. His story is unforgettable.

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