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I am coming to think that the leading intellectual challenge of our time, and perhaps the foremost barrier to any further human progress, is the insidious notion of dualism in the study of reality. We all take for granted the idea that there is a scientific way of approaching reality, and also a religious point of view, and each occupies a separate sphere. Modern science has devolved into the belief-system of materialism, while Christianity is a belief-system based in the culture of first-century Jews; but these flaws at the core of each approach to the study of reality are ignored by their impassioned advocates. Indeed, both sets of belief-systems have adherents so deeply invested in them that some who now are reading these words are framing indignant rebuttals (bring it on!).

So, even today, we still find ourselves debating which view of reality should be dominant, whether reality arose in some material fashion or whether God must have created it all. There are few who realize that the prevalence of dualism in our study of reality means that neither Christianity nor materialist science is adequate to the task on its own. Ergo, both of them must be wrong.

Once you begin to look for them, you find examples of this dualism everywhere. To choose just one from the handful that my internet grazing produces daily, Christians suggest that the prevalence of religions in history must mean that we are hard-wired to believe, so scientists then feel forced to prove that religions have not been so prevalent after all. And for good measure, they study the brain to try to find the specific defect that causes religious notions to arise. Unlike science, Christianity doesn’t look for support for its position in logic or in facts, but rather it defends itself by enforcing its dogmas and by “othering” non-believers. The fierce political divisions now rending the United States don’t come from the dualist error alone, but dualism is making them more intractable. If there are two competing approaches to understanding reality, then of course adherents to each of them will portray the others as beyond the pale.

Afterlife researchers can demonstrate now that both Christian and materialist orthodoxies are wrong. There is no anthropomorphic God. And everything that we think of as “matter” is actually not solid after all, but instead it is a form of energy. We should have seen the end of the dualist fallacy long ago, but our problem is that by now nearly everyone is so emotionally invested in one point of view or in the other that it is assumed that if you are not in my camp you have to be on the other side. If I am a Christian, I will try to convert you to save you from eternal damnation; and if I am a science groupie, I will assume that your skepticism about my science must mean that you hold an entire panoply of Christian beliefs that I can smugly attack.

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By now we can be certain that the Christian God does not exist. After decades of doing afterlife research and collaborating extensively with other researchers, I can state without equivocation that there is no anthropomorphic God that judges us and condemns us to hell. Wonderfully, though, what exists instead is the loving Spirit that Jesus describes in the Gospels.

God is an infinitely powerful and infinitely creative energy-like potentiality without size or form, alive in the sense that your mind is alive, highly emotional and therefore probably self-aware. All our minds are inextricably part of this one overriding consciousness; and we can be certain now that each of us is loved beyond our fondest imaginings. Each of us is God’s best-beloved child.

There isn’t just a little bit of evidence that this genuine God of the Gospels actually exists. Instead, the evidence is consistent and overwhelming to the point where to deny it anymore is just an embarrassing profession of ignorance.

So, now we know that God is real. And we can demonstrate that this genuine God is the perfect God of the Gospels. It appears that a theoretical physicist, too, believes he is edging closer to discovering God, although of course for a physicist to discover God is nothing new. The two greatest physicists of the 20th century didn’t care much for the Christian God, but the genuine Spirit which is all that exists was certainly well within their ken.

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There is a theory that if you pick up a calf at its birth and then every day thereafter, eventually you can pick up a bull. It’s a nice idea, but I can personally testify that it is not true. I cannot believe that I haven’t found time to write a new blog post in the past two months! But I realize now that while the calf was growing and I have been struggling with it daily, more and more of my former life was slipping away.

Becoming modestly known is such an odd phenomenon that I wish more people could experience it. As with picking up that growing bull, the weight of it creeps up gradually, so it’s hard for me to pinpoint now precisely when my personal life disappeared, when my legal career shrank to almost nothing, and when my next FUN book was put aside. Apparently my blogging stopped in May, and by now even my podcasting is taking a beating as I have less time to prepare for interviews. What has largely taken over my life is a combination of correspondences with readers and listeners – sometimes responding takes most of my day – and lots of work on a project related to The Fun of Living Together that has captured my heart. But I’m coming up for air a bit now. Perhaps I’ll never be able to pick up that bull, but I seem at last to be learning to ride it!

And yesterday was the Fourth of July, which once again has me thinking about the young man who took up his quill in the heat of a Philadelphia June long ago and wrote what became our nation’s creed.

Thomas Jefferson hated slavery. It was a highly personal issue for him, since before he was thirty-one he inherited almost three hundred human beings. He couldn’t legally free them in the Colony of Virginia, but he didn’t want lifelong responsibility for them. He thought at first that he might persuade the Virginia House of Burgesses to allow slaveholders to free their slaves, but he learned when he arrived at the Continental Congress in June of 1775 that freeing slaves who looked so different from their masters was going to be a difficult trick.

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Those that we used to think were dead tell us that achieving more rapid spiritual growth is the reason why we are born to live brief lives in this spiritual gym. They also tell us that Jesus is genuine, and they confirm that He told us the truth about God, reality, death, the afterlife, and the meaning and purpose of human life almost two thousand years before we could have received this wisdom in any other way. For my own part, I can confirm that the Gospel teachings of Jesus are the simplest and most effective short-course in rapid spiritual growth that exists! When those teachings are seriously applied, they can be effective in only months.

Another thing the dead are telling us is that the level of consciousness vibration on this planet has fallen so far away from love and toward fear that a concerted effort is now being made by beings at the highest levels – including of course the Lord Himself – to elevate us away from fear and toward love just as rapidly as possible. Historical hindsight may eventually suggest that our now being able to confirm the truth of the genuine Gospel teachings of Jesus is a literal miracle that has occurred at almost the eleventh hour.

The fear-based religion  that claims to be based in Jesus has nothing to do with Jesus. This is obvious to anyone who looks at the religion’s dogmas and then reads the Lord’s canonical Gospels with even a half-open mind! And especially now that the dead are abundantly confirming that Jesus is genuine, it seems to be extremely important that we give the Lord a second chance to enlighten and uplift the world. Jesus never meant to start what we now call Christianity. And nothing that Christians are taught is true.

So if Jesus didn’t come to start a religion, and He certainly didn’t come to die for our sins, then why on earth did He come at all? Jesus plainly tells us that He came to teach us to relate to God on our own. His words are so clear that even as a devoutly Christian child I came to suspect this might be true. It is no wonder that Christian leaders forbade the reading of the words of Jesus by laypeople for more than a thousand years, and the first translation of those books into English was not done until the 16th century!

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The first time I reached my mother through a medium she said,“You were right about everything!” That was good to hear, but it made me groan because this woman had resisted all my efforts to convince her she would survive her death. I had read to her from The Fun of Dying. I had told her repeatedly how it all works, how excited I was that she would be there soon, and which loved ones might be coming to take her home. Not every day, but often I would find ways to reintroduce the topic. Sadly, though, as Jesus tells us, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household” (MT 13:57). My mother never believed a word! She had to see it for herself. And like the loving but demanding parent that she always had been, as soon as she had assured me I was right, she added, “Now I’m traveling around to make sure you have everything right.” (We don’t change after death nearly as much as we might wish we would!)

In case you are wondering why I was confident I was talking with my actual mother, there were some great validations. For example, my mother had almost nonexistent eyebrows, and after the medium said my mother was now checking my work, she added, “But why is she pointing at her eyebrow? Oh. She says now she doesn’t have to paint them on.”

Alas, my mother is not an outlier. Fear of death is the core human fear, and that fear remains rampant in 2019 even though for nearly a century now we have had overwhelming evidence that every human mind is eternal. And together with that ego-based fear of death, too many people also have a terrible religion-based fear of God, even though we also know for certain that all that objectively exists is the transcendent love of the genuine God that continuously manifests this universe. And you in particular are God’s best-beloved child! The harm done by all this fear-based negativity is compounded by the fact that mainstream scientists still have no idea about what actually is going on, so they perpetuate the rampant fear on earth which is the worst human-caused pollution of all.

To know why negativity is so dangerous, you will need to better understand how consciousness works. Since every human mind is part of one great Consciousness, for too many minds to be obsessed by fear can have severe consequences on the macro-level. The aggregate of the highest level of Consciousness – what Mikey Morgan calls “the unity of pure love and all that exists” – is the genuine God that continuously manifests this universe. Consciousness is a kind of energy so it vibrates, and its vibratory rate is from the slowest, which is fear and the other awful emotions, to absolute love at the highest level. And since all our minds are part of the same base Consciousness, our minds all influence one another, so a tendency toward fear in any significant number of people will drive down the vibratory rate of us all. Humankind’s obsessive drive toward fear comes largely from the ego’s fear of death, from fear-based religions, and from the scientific insistence that our minds die with our brains. And because both religions and science perpetuate fear rather than helping humankind to grow beyond it, our fear has gradually lowered our entire planet’s vibratory rate to the point where we are told now that unless we soon can elevate humankind away from fear and toward more perfect love, our planet will rapidly degrade from here. Our species soon will face extinction.

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“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”– Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard

           Having spent decades studying more than 150 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead, it astonishes me to see how hard people who consider themselves to be defenders of science still are fighting against the possibility that any of this might be true. They never investigate anything! How can people with scientific training altogether refuse to consider whole categories of documented phenomena that have real-world effects? The problem seems to be that they are fearful that what they might find could disrupt their scientific assumptions and perhaps even derail their careers. That’s it? That’s their problem? And they still call themselves scientists?

I am a business lawyer. I had no particular belief system to support when I started this investigation, nor do I have one now. I remain skeptical of every new afterlife-related detail, but at least I do investigate things! I look for answers. And after I have assembled enough evidence of all stripes to draw a rational conclusion, I draw that conclusion and explain where it came from. What these scientific Luddites do is to refuse to investigate anything that doesn’t fit their predetermined beliefs. They even presume to post on the Internet flat lies about the afterlife evidence and about those who would investigate the evidence. Have they no self-awareness at all?

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To be a physicist in the early twenty-first century looks like the most frustrating job in the universe. I say this because being even a devoted physics groupie reading popular-science versions of what physicists are up to now feels mind-shriveling. I will give you some quick examples from the recent press:

Apparently the Big Bang, now thoroughly engrained in our minds as the way the universe started, isn’t such a sure thing anymore. Perhaps the universe instead is in a steady state. To quote a summary of a recent paper on phys.org“In physical terms, the (steady state) model describes the universe as being filled with a quantum fluid. The scientists propose that this fluid might be composed of gravitons—hypothetical massless particles that mediate the force of gravity. If they exist, gravitons are thought to play a key role in a theory of quantum gravity.” (My emphasis.)

Time is one of the few things that everyone on earth experiences, but for physicists it is still a mystery. To quote a recent puzzling article in my beloved Scientific American“Whether through Newton’s gravitation, Maxwell’s electrodynamics, Einstein’s special and general relativity or quantum mechanics, all the equations that best describe our universe work perfectly if time flows forward or backward… Of course the world we experience is entirely different….” 

Physicists are attempting to study dark matter, which is called “dark” only because it won’t interact with photons of light. They tell us that everything that we think of as real makes up only 4-5% of the universe, while dark matter makes up 23-27%. (Apparently estimates vary.) So in an effort to study a mass which is five times the size of the known universe, physicists are looking for wimps thousands of feet beneath the surface of the earth. This time we’re reading The Wall Street Journal“A wimp—a weakly interacting massive particle—is thought to be the stuff of dark matter, an invisible substance that makes up about a quarter of the universe but has never been seen by humans.” I have talked previously about the fact that dark matter is a candidate to be the afterlife levels of reality, and there are physicists who speculate that it might be an actual inhabited reality. But rather than investigating either of these theories, physicists are spending billions of dollars investigating the unlikely possibility that five-sixths of the matter in the universe is a fluff of particles constituting nothing.

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Afterlife studies is a genuine science, which means that it has much to tell us beyond the fact that human minds are eternal. One of its most important revelations is the final answer to that age-old question: What is the purpose of human life?Here the dead agree with most major religions. We are here to learn to love perfectly and learn to forgive completely. Helping us learn to better love and forgive seems to be the reason why the universe exists.

Loving is the easy part. It seems to be innate in people, beginning with the love between mother and child and continuing through making friends and pair-bonding and building families to grandparenthood, the most intense love of all. That we need to love and be loved is a central characteristic of the human condition, and love of all kinds is so vastly rewarding in myriad ways that it is self-reinforcing. Loving is easy. And once we really are doing love well, we need then only to spread our love to all.

But to paraphrase William Shakespeare, there is one big rub. Universal love is impossible to practice until we have learned the art of radical forgiveness. We need to learn to forgive automatically, as if nothing ever even happened. And radical forgiveness is neither easy nor innate. From ISIS and your Ex to your sullen boss and the jerk who cuts you off in traffic, for most of us every day is full of reminders that some acts are unforgivable. Yet not only must all these perpetrators be forgiven, but once they are forgiven, they must be loved!

Whenever I mention forgiveness, I get emails. Some of the stories people tell are tragic. And the challenge always is, “How could anyone forgive that?

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It has been nearly a year since my spirit guide, Thomas, broke into my daytime existence and began the process that led to Liberating Jesus. I found it all to be a harrowing experience, and then I went through a summer of angst because the book is so extreme. It was only when Liberating Jesus was received so well that I really believed that Jesus was pleased with it!

Meanwhile, toward the end of the summer my eternal friend, Thomas, lightened up. He had made allusions to his having “helped” me write my Doubleday novel about Thomas Jefferson’s marriage, and finally in September he flat-out told us that My Thomas is a channeled memoir of Thomas Jefferson’s life during the Revolutionary War.

Well, of course it is. I feel foolish that I ever imagined I could have written it myself! The idea for My Thomas came out of the blue, but the notion of writing it soon compelled me.Thomas Jefferson was married in 1772 and widowed just over a decade later, so his marriage spanned the Revolutionary War period. And what a marriage it was! Jefferson was so bereft at Patty’s death that he burned all their letters to one another. He never married again, and even in his old age he referred to his long-ago wife as “the cherished companion of my life” and to his marriage as “ten years of unchequered happiness.”

After a year of doing intensive research that felt like a treasure hunt, easy and joyous, I sat down to write, and I found the story already forming into scenes in my mind. Writing it was easy! I could hardly type fast enough. It came out all in a single draft – even written in Elizabethan English! – and when my agent sent it to Doubleday’s head acquisitions editor, she bought it at once and insisted that I not change a word. That she soon found a better job so My Thomas was orphaned and largely ignored seems now to have been a part of the plan. It was essential that I not become a novelist!

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The fundamental question of human existence is this: who and what are human beings? The scientific community is confident that we are only the latest iteration of an evolutionary process that goes back to living cells appearing in primordial soup; while Christians see us as the fallen and inadequate creations of a stern Godhead.

Neither of these beliefs-based views of human nature has ever made sense. Neither has any explanation for the complexities of human experience, for our awareness, emotions, and aspirations. And what may be worse, neither has any corrective nor any predictive power. We want to know who and what we are not so much so we can dwell in our past, but rather so we can improve our present and begin to perfect our future.

Both of our most trusted institutions base their assumptions in faulty core beliefs. Christianity’s supposition that we must be evil is rooted in Adam’s Biblical sin – even the nature of which is still debated – which got him cast out of the Garden of Eden. Mainstream science, on the other hand, remains enmired in materialism, so it is incapable of making any sense of human nature beyond the study of our anatomy.

So we are nowhere. The Christian explanation makes you wonder how God could have made the mistake of creating us, while the scientific theories remain so lacking that they cannot even be called basic science. For example, recent scientific interpretations of the same ten-thousand-year-old massacre site argue both that at last it proves that warfare is innate to us,  and that actually it proves precisely the opposite!  So, which is it? Are we warriors by nature, or is warfare a recent cultural artifact? We study photographs of primitive people,  as little touched by civilization as possible, hoping to see somehow – perhaps in their eyes – the answer to humankind’s most basic question.

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It has been half a millennium almost to the day since Martin Luther issued his Ninety-Five Theses that attacked some of Christianity worst excesses.Whether he actually nailed his Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany, is unclear; but just the publication of his complaints began what is known as the Protestant Reformation.

What Martin Luther began was a great step forward. It pruned away some of the most appalling practices of the overbearing Church hierarchy, from the sale of indulgences as tickets out of hell through the refusal to allow Christians to read the Bible in their mother tongues. It helped, but it didn’t go far enough. So even centuries after the Reformation, the religion that nominally follows Jesus remains steeped in irrelevant dogmas while it all but ignores His Gospel teachings.

Among my whole life’s biggest surprises was my first read-through of Liberating JesusI had no time to read while the Master was using my hands to write: the whole book was written in fourteen days. So it was only when I was left with the finished book that I understood how radical it was! And I was appalled. Was it possible that Christianity had been so altogether wrong about everything from its earliest days, but still the Lord had let well-meaning Christians live in error for two thousand years?

Apparently it was possible. Both testimony from those we used to think were dead and the Gospel words of Jesus themselves abundantly confirm that most of what Christianity preaches is contrary to what is true. Here are the core dogmas of mainstream Christianity that turn out to be wrong in light of the Gospel words of Jesus and in light of what the dead now tell us:

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One of the most confounding things about studying the afterlife is getting our minds around the fact of reincarnation. And it is a fact. Much as I have tried not to think about it, given my traditional Christian background, the evidence is overwhelming and consistent that each of us lives many earth-lives. Jesus taught it, the dead affirm it, and those who are so inclined can undergo past-life regressions or future-life progressions and meet their own past or future selves.

The actual mechanics of reincarnation are impossible for us to get our minds around while we are in earth-bodies. This is partly because while we are here we can consciously access perhaps as little as ten percent of our vast and powerful eternal minds; and partly because we still lack a deep understanding of the non-material realities. We are left to try to put a sense of it together, while knowing that what we envision isn’t likely to be quite what happens. You will see what I mean!

Here are eight important elements to aid you in thinking about reincarnation:

Our minds are part of the infinitely loving eternal Mind which is all that exists. We are of the very stuff of God! And since that is the case, our eternal minds are more complex and powerful than our limited earth-minds can imagine.

Time is not objectively real. It exists only in this material universe, which is less than five percent of what even mainstream scientists know is real. Getting my mind around all that it means for time not actually to exist is for me the hardest part of this process.

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I often urge my audiences to subscribe to Scientific American.When I add that it’s really a humor magazine, the room will generally erupt in laughter so most people don’t hear my explanation of why I find the magazine so amusing. Scientific American actually is funny, but in a tragic sort of way: more and more, popular science literature is full of articles about enigmas  that scientists still cannot solve, the sad reconfirming of facts that they hate, and quirky investigations into nothing much that they must know will lead nowhere. Even that revered old saw of mainstream science, the replicable experiment, appears to have fallen victim to the sloppy despair of a profession by now so deep in crisis that more than two-thirds of scientific researchers cannot replicate other scientists’ experiments.

The cause of this growing malaise remains the fundamental scientific dogma of materialism that was put into place by scientific gatekeepers a century ago and to this day is enforced. Of course, anything based on a dogma has essentially become a religion, with all the need to enforce orthodoxy and to ignore contrary information that any faith-based system implies. To this day, no one who wishes to pursue a scientific career in any western university, or be published in a western peer-reviewed journal, can dream of investigating anything that might hint that reality is not matter-based; and this remains true despite the fact that quantum physicists have known for three-quarters of a century that, as the great Max Planck frankly put it, “There is no matter as such.” He said in 1931, ”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

Consciousness is by definition not material, but yet those who hope to have careers in science must to this day eschew the investigation of consciousness as anything but an artifact of our brains. They can only conclude that there is something about matter that must inevitably give rise to consciousness. This dogma-based scientific requirement that matter must be primary was proven to be wrong almost a century ago, which is the reason why modern scientific inquiry has by now become so sadly hilarious.

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The most transformational book I ever have read is The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. I first read it in 1973, and I didn’t realize until much later the way that book formed a basis for my later afterlife research. It opened my eyes to a deeper awareness that nothing is as it seems; it primed me to later accept the evidence that what we experience as human consciousness is primary; and the fact that something so fundamental has been steadfastly ignored by mainstream scientists because it doesn’t fit their narrative was my first clue that the mainstream science emperor is indeed buck nekkid!

That book’s core insight from my perspective was that plants are conscious, and they can communicate. What a revelation! Consider only the work of Cleve Backster, then America’s foremost expert on lie detectors, who one morning in 1966 decided to use his office plant as an experimental subject. He attached to one of its leaves a galvanometer, the part of a polygraph machine which registers human emotions, and he found that the plant was reacting very much as a person would react who was having transient thoughts. He soon found that the most extreme reactions in the plant were produced when he decided to burn one of its leaves; the reaction was less if he only imagined burning the leaf, or even if he actually burned it. His plant would react, too, if other living things in the room were credibly threatened with harm; and Backster and other researchers later demonstrated that these reactions are present even in living fragments of plants. My goodness, plants can read the minds of their keepers from a distance of miles away! There is so much more to Backster’s work that mainstream science still ignores. These amazing revelations are more than fifty years old, and they are all by themselves sufficient reason for you to read one of the most amazing and most unjustly ignored books in history.  

This discovery that plants are in some way conscious still fills me with wonder. It formed a basis for my growing, research-based awareness that what we experience as consciousness must be primary. There is no other explanation that fits all the evidence! So when in 2011 I read the ultimate quantum-physics-for-dummies book, Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, and I found that the greatest of all quantum physicists had decades before reached the same conclusion, I had a joyous eurekamoment. As quantum physicist Max Planck famously said, ”I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

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Five years ago I began an experiment in radio and podcasting that is central to my life in ways more important than the considerable time that it takes. I am only now becoming aware of the extent to which Seek Reality has shaped my life.

  • I have met so many great experts! Some of the authors and researchers I first met when I invited them to be interview guests have become my dear friends and beloved fellow laborers in the field of establishing what is true.
  • I have many friends, too, that I may never meet. Since I encourage communications from listeners, I hear from people every day. Some have questions, some want to add to what a guest has said or to make points based upon their own research, and some simply want to give me a hug and receive a hug in return.
  • My work has broadened to encompass my broadcast name. When Cameron Steele, the head of ctrnetwork.com, asked me what I wanted to call my program, the right name came to mind at once: “Seek Reality.” “What??” He had thought of me as an afterlife researcher! My answer to him felt automatic: “Studying the afterlife is just one part of what we all should be doing, which is trying to understand what is going on.” I heard myself say it. Then I realized that of course it was true, but frankly until that moment it never had occurred to me that seeking to understand reality was my actual mission.

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It may not at first be obvious to you that the reason why righteous indignation is such a deadly plague in America now is the insidious influence of faith-based thinking.

Theories abound that the decline of Christianity may be behind the increase in political extremism in America, but they vary as to why. It is obvious that modern politics has about it some of the trappings of a religion! For example, America’s current President has by objective measures had one of the most successful starts to his first term in our history, but still his opponents view him pretty much the way Christians view the Antichrist. They are so certain that in opposing this President they are fighting evil that they believe they are working in the service of truth when they use against him emotional language based on bits taken out of context, and pictures of alarming events that happened before his administration began. In the Kavanaugh hearings, and no matter what your own position on the nominee might have been, you were watching centuries of this nation’s protections of fundamental rights being destroyed in the service of political beliefs. For an august publication like the Wall Street Journal, the morphing of American politics into a religion is so obvious that the newspaper actually refers to one political thinker as a “prophet.”

All of this might seem curious and alarming to those who recall when political ideas had to be expressed with at least some color of facts-based argument behind them, but it is wonderfully clarifying now. We can ever more clearly see that what lies at the root of the righteous indignation that is tearing America apart is the very vice – having faith without facts – that we always have thought of as a virtue!

Humankind has been trained for millennia to espouse beliefs that cannot be supported by facts. Without our ease with having faith alone, no religion on earth could have survived for long! But our recent divorcing of politics, too, from any need to rely on facts is alarming. The only way to solve any real-world problem is to carefully study all the facts, and then to devise a set of solutions that are tailored precisely to address those facts. If we espouse a purely beliefs-based politics, it will be impossible for this nation ever again to accomplish much of anything.

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Political divisions in America are worse now than they ever before have been, which makes it hard for us to see that we are witnessing the dawning fulfillment of the greatest dream ever dreamed in all of human history. After ten millennia during which humankind groveled beneath the swords of despots and the awful reign of capricious gods, we are about to state with a single voice that we refuse to bow to any earthly power. From now on all the power is our own! This ultimate liberation of all the world will have to begin in the United States, since it is only here that we possess the tools that can make it possible.

But it will not end here! Abraham Lincoln called this nation “The last best hope of earth,” and in that he was prescient. Now it begins! And since our old habit of fearing is strong, we will need to begin with the certain assurance that what comes after the rapine of political parties will be government by and for the people; and what will replace a capricious God will be personal intimacy with Spirit.

You may never have thought about the fact that politics and religion are the same breed of cat. Each claims to be able to help us relate to a great Authority – to government or to God – but demonstrably, both do that very poorly. And neither has any power of its own! Furthermore:

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I read frequent communications from three very different clergymen. One is an eloquent Catholic monk who has devoted his life to elevating whatever he finds to be of value in Catholicism while he happily ignores the rest. The second is a pastor who trumpets all the mainline Protestant ideas and especially insists that Jesus died for our sins. The third is a fire-and-brimstone preacher whose entire goal is to get every one of us to claim Jesus as our savior because God’s judgment is upon us and if we are not “saved” we will go straight to hell. Reading them together is an education! It is clear that all three are devoted to Jesus, and it just never has occurred to them to wonder whether their own particular Christian denomination might not be the one that the Lord prefers. Or might it even be possible that the genuine Christ, Who came to us as God on earth, actually wants something else altogether?

These three clergymen and so many others remain still oblivious to the fact that God is about to rock our world. Based upon abundant evidence, we know at last that God is real, God is Consciousness and all that exists, and our minds are part of that infinite eternal Mind which continuously manifests this universe. So for the first time in human history we can begin to understand the true nature of God. We even can start to figure out what it is that God actually wants! For awhile longer, the advent of God on earth will mean little to the billions of people who are still stuck in the world’s religions. But for you and me it presents some very exciting possibilities!

As you may know, afterlife researchers and others have lately been made aware of an ongoing effort being made by those at the highest levels of reality who are working through many people on earth to raise the consciousness vibration of this planet away from fear and negativity and toward ever more perfect love. This is an urgent matter! We are told that unless this effort succeeds, within just a couple of centuries our planet will be a desolate wastelandSo getting it right will be important! And Who better to tell us what we should be doing to powerfully transform the world and avoid its imminent destruction than the genuine God Whose Mind continuously manifests this universe?

Let me say here plainly that for various reasons I consider it more likely than not that almost everything that Christians believe about Jesus is true.He is the promised Jewish Messiah, born of a virgin as God on earth and eventually crucified, entirely dead, risen from the dead three days later, and bodily assumed into heaven. All quite possibly – even probably – true. But we also can conclusively demonstrate that Jesus didn’t die for our sins because God already forgives us all. In addition, now we know that everyone who practiced any religion on earth – or even practiced no religion – goes to the very same religion-free afterlife. But these Christian errors cannot in the least diminish the fact that the life of Jesus is now demonstrated to be a miraculous gift from God! And God doesn’t give us miraculous gifts just to show off. So we know that the gift that is the life of Jesus must have had an important purpose. And since we know now that purpose was definitely not the religion that was later built around Him, don’t you agree that it is well past time for us to give the Lord another chance to tell us in His own words why He came?

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One of the things that is most certain about the afterlife evidence is what it tells us is the reason why we even are alive at all. Why are we here? What is human life for? The very fact that there exists such an exquisite and gloriously planned afterlife for each of the seven billion struggling on earth, and the uncounted billions who already are there, strongly suggests that all our lives on earth must have a pretty spectacular purpose.

An overlong but nevertheless enjoyable article in The New York Times of July 18 explores the fact that all the things that most of us strive for cannot make us happy, but instead, from wealth and power and fame right through every pleasure of the flesh, they too often disappoint us. The very title of the article – “Love People, Not Pleasure” – gives away the point toward which it labors: having stuff only tends to make us more miserable, while the true source of happiness is loving others. Or in the pithier words of the eighteenth-century poet, William Blake: “I sought my soul, But my soul I could not see. I sought my God, But my God eluded me. I sought my brother, And I found all three.”

Over and over, the dead who were communicating with us a century ago and the upper-level beings communicating with us now have said that the meaning and purpose of our lives is learning to love one another more perfectly. That’s it! That’s all.

           Of course, Jesus told us all of this two thousand years ago. He reduced the Old Testament’s Ten Commandments to just one commandment: that we learn how to love.

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Particle physicists put up a brave front, but they are going through difficult times. All their current theories about the nature of reality – string theory, the multiverse, and what-else-have you – are turning out to have serious flaws. Perhaps if they will return to that old saw, Occam’s Razor, and rethink reality along simpler lines, they will save themselves some headaches. In fact, courtesy of our beloved dead, the answers to many of their questions have been under their noses for more than a century.

I am becoming ever more confident that the 27% of the universe that physicists call “dark matter” because it interacts with gravity but not with photons of light are the six or so energy-based levels where the dead reside. They exist precisely where we are, but at graduated vibratory rates between this material universe and the Source level, the highest energy level of which we are aware.

I admit to having poked good-natured fun at physicists who are earnestly studying a mere 5% of what exists as if that were the whole of reality. Five percent! But apparently physicists are at last beginning to look more closely at the dark matter that is at least six times greater in volume than all the visible matter and energy put together.

To quote a wonderful article in the August issue of Scientific American entitled “Could Dark Matter Make Invisible, Parallel Universes?”, “Scientists are increasingly considering the possibility that dark matter, in particular, is not just a contrivance to account for the motion of visible matter but a hidden side of the universe with a rich inner life. It may consist of a veritable zoo of particles interacting through novel forces of nature—an entire universe interwoven silently with our own.” “Observations suggest it outweighs ordinary matter by a factor of 6 to 1. Galaxies and galaxy clusters are embedded in giant balls, or ‘halos,’ of dark matter.” “Could there be a hidden world that is an exact copy of ours, containing hidden versions of electrons and protons, which combine to form hidden atoms and molecules, which combine to form hidden planets, hidden stars and even hidden people?”

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One thing about doing afterlife research and better understanding our greater reality is that what you learn helps you to establish evidence-based opinions on a great many things. At one time, I had little concern about capital punishment. So long as we executed only the guilty, what was the harm? To read of the despicable crimes that some of these criminals had committed made you feel almost as if the government were doing little more than eliminating vermin.

I know better now. Sadly, though, since most of our society remains clueless about how reality works, those responsible for carrying out executions have no way to understand all the harm they are doing! Here are some reasons why executing criminals never is a good idea, no matter how humanely it can be done:

  • It is impossible to kill a human mind. Our minds are eternal, and that includes the minds of the most notorious criminals. Eternal. You can execute their bodies, but their minds go on forever.
  • A mind freed from the body by death may or may not transition to the afterlife. There is considerable evidence that we have the choice of whether to stay or go, and evidence as well that people fearing judgment for things they may have done in life often decide not to make the trip.

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Recently I received an email from the granddaughter of an American slave who asked a distressing question. She said that people of her race are too often thwarted in life, and she asked me whether racial differences are “a joke from God.” She especially wanted to know whether in the afterlife everyone would be equal. Her question is heartbreaking, but its answer is thrilling.

Each human mind is a powerful and eternal part of the Mind of God. Minds have no racial characteristics whatsoever.Furthermore:

  • The evidence is strong that nearly all of us live many earth-lifetimes. Most of us seem to live at least one lifetime of each race, although we favor one race and one general culture for most of our lifetimes. Apparently this makes our adjustment to each new lifetime easier, so it lets us concentrate on our planned lessons with fewer distractions.
  • Dealing with the issues raised by superficial differences among people can give us powerful opportunities for learning to better love and forgive. Evidence suggests that those whose present lifetimes include racial or cultural issues planned those situations as important spiritual lessons.

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It became clear soon after my last post was made that many readers are not familiar with spirit guides. This is an area where I am not expert, but I’m competent to give you a beginner’s course. Let’s do that now! Your life will be richer and more fulfilling when you have a better sense of the spirit-friends who are lovingly there all through your life, helping you keep a steady hand on your tiller. All of us have spirit guides. There is one who agreed before you were born to be your primary guide through life, and as you take up various kinds of work or hobbies and perhaps experience trials there will be others who join or leave your team. Only your primary guide will be permanent, but if you are doing much in your life, you likely have a number of long-term guides. I have been surprised to learn that I have eleven.

Your team talks with the teams of those around you! It’s as if each of us is a celebrity surrounded by invisible retainers. This summer I have been helping to edit the autobiography of Mikey Morgan, a sixth-level being who came back to live a brief life and then to die at twenty so he could become familiar with modern people in order to teach us through the veil. I met his mother, Carol, in 2011 when she sat down near me at an afterlife conference and began a conversation. It was only when I read Mikey’s account of that meeting that I learned that he had cased the room, looking for someone to mentor Carol, and he had learned from my invisible retainers that I am a writer and an afterlife expert. And I am – what did they tell him? – friendly and enthusiastic. They thought I would give Carol the help that she needed. I was astonished to read this. I had had no idea at the time that I was moving through that conference with invisible handlers who were representing me to other invisible teams!

Your guides work beneath your conscious radar. Many nights while your body sleeps you will travel out of it to meet with your team; you’ll discuss current issues and get their advice, which is why “sleeping on it” works so well if you have a big decision to make. When something in particular is troubling you, it can help to pose it as a simple question as you are settling down to sleep. Then pay attention to your first thoughts in the morning. It can take a few months to iron out this process, but if you are persistent in framing your questions and expecting morning answers to be there, you should indeed begin to find that even if it isn’t the answer you were hoping for, some sort of answer will be there when you awaken. Your primary guide will put thoughts into your mind, will steer you toward or away from ideas, will comfort you when you are down, will make you extra joyful when things go well. He or she becomes something like a part of you. My primary guide has left me briefly only twice in my life, and each time his sudden absence made me feel frail and helpless. An important part of what I had thought of as myself was abruptly gone.

So who are these people, anyway? Why do they work so hard to help us? Our primary guide will generally be a close eternal friend who is probably more spiritually advanced than we are. Being a primary guide is a privilege and a great responsibility. Assisting people now in bodies to achieve greater spiritual growth in this lifetime helps our spirit guides to grow spiritually as well.

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The fact that our two most trusted institutions still keep us ignorant of the nature of reality and of our own eternal natures is the source of every one of our problems. From poverty and criminality through hatred, oppression, war and greed, all the fear-based evils that plague us stem from this odd alliance between science and Christianity to keep us from understanding what is going on and who you and I actually are! So naturally, afterlife researchers will occasionally speculate over hors d’oeuvres and wine about how the world might change if everyone on earth knew what we few know now.

Let us speculate together. Let’s imagine that tomorrow a phone app is released that allows anyone to talk to dead relatives simply by ringing them up. It is available for free, and within the week it is being used on billions of cell phones all over the earth. What do you think will happen next? Here are my thoughts:

  • Everyone will realize that human life is eternal. This realization will take a little while to sink in, but it will within the week be major news and the trending topic everywhere. There is no area of our lives that will be unaffected by it.
  • Everyone will realize that God is real and God is all that exists.Atheism: you lose! Deism: you also lose. The human-like God worshipped by most religions does not exist, but rather eternal Mind not only continuously creates everything, but it iseverything. This is such a radical departure from every human assumption ever made that it is going to take a few years to sink in; but as it does, there will be no aspect of our lives that will remain untouched.

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