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What makes us unique—special or gifted? What is cellular memory? Can we change traits that have been passed down to us? Can we change what we pass on to our children? This podcast is a starting point for why love can be a challenge—especially in learning love of self. Becoming knowledgeably aware of our physical minds and bodies helps us fully accept who we are, which adds to our understanding of God's individual blueprint for our mortal life and our ability to love.

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Betty Eadie

Betty Jean Eadie directory listing. nemmar.page.link/164

Betty Eadie's international best-selling books are the best and most accurate books to explain many of the answers about life and the afterlife. Her facts and details about Near-Death Experiences (NDE) are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/307

My Mission and Purpose: Though Embraced By The Light chronicles my near-death experience and amazing journey into the spirit world, its main purpose is to reach hurting souls and bring greater hope and quality to life, give comfort through hardship and loss of loved ones - and to help establish direction through daily living. However, perhaps more important than anything else - its purpose is to bring to its reader the powerful message of God's unconditional and eternal love for them and the message “Above all else, love one another.”


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