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Message by Betty J Eadie:

The Awakening Heart, is a sharing of my own heart, brought about by the tremendous outpouring of love created by Embraced By The Light. When people wrote, they felt familiar with me, trusted me, and often shared intimate details about their lives that I could not help but feel to share more about me, with them. I loved every moment of writing this book, while writing, it felt like I was writing a love letter to friends.

Though The Awakening Heart is a work of love, it took all that I had to write it. Those who are close to me know I am a very private person. Sharing more about myself, especially after being thrown into the public spotlight, was challenging to say the least. However, after my experience, I learned that my life is not about me. It is about teaching others not to fear but to have hope in God, in love and to keep their faith once they have found it. This is my commitment to God and though the journey sometimes becomes a struggle, I can't quit. I truly am compelled to walk in faith with what I know that I must share.

In my book Embraced By The Light I give the account of my near-death experience, having been told by Jesus that I had died and that it was “not yet” my time. In The Awakening Heart I tell what my experience was like after returning to this world that felt loveless to me after being consumed by the Savior’s love and the love that is so abundant everywhere in our heavenly home. Being physically separated from the spirit world caused me deep grief, heart-ache and pain. I went through severe depression and even at one point feared for my very soul.

In The Awakening Heart I share the lessons and miracles that prepared me to be able to write Embraced By The Light, give countless speaking events, do television and radio interviews and spend weeks away from my earthly source of strength, my loving and precious family. This book might be called a “road-map” for healing, for overcoming adversity, anxiety and heart ache. It can build one’s faith and trust in the Lord, and help them internalize their spiritual knowledge, thus building their faith into action in their daily life.

I pray the Heavenly Father’s blessings upon you as you read this book. May you will feel a portion of the Savior’s love that I was blessed to bring back with me to share! And most especially, I pray that your heart expands to greater love and yearning to follow his will as you feel the Heavenly Father’s unconditional love for you.
A Piece of My Heart,
Betty Eadie

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