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Message by Betty J Eadie:

The Purest form of any “ripple” is sharing God’s unconditional love. My book The Ripple Effect: Our Harvest contains many of these ripples that were first created by Embraced By The Light and The Awakening Heart: My continuing journey to love.

The Ripple Effect is my first “teaching” book and I feel the most difficult of my books to absorb because it has so much information. I used to receive my mail by the bin-full daily and a good portion of it was questions about the after-life. Because I could not possibly answer each letter I wanted to write a book that would answer those questions and perhaps reach those and many more who yearn for a greater understanding of God’s purposes and our eternal lives.

Our perspective in the spirit world is much different than how we view things here on earth, yet as we find God’s love within, our hearts expand and we begin to realize the broader scope of things; the endless wisdom and knowledge of God that ever evolves as we learn and progress spiritually. As we increase our knowledge, we swell the opportunity to increase our faith also - since as we internalize what we learn it becomes faith.

I was told that an increased understanding of what awaits us in the after-life is extremely beneficial to our existence here. It excites our spirit and brings enthusiasm and strength to not only walk in faith, but endure all that we must till we return to the spirit world - we make greater effort with our eyes focused on our heavenly home. And when the time comes to return to our Creator, what we will take with us is what we have learned through our experience; the ripples of our interactions with others; and our expanded ability to love!

My hope and prayer is that your faith will be increased and strengthened as you read and study, that you find peace amidst turmoil and be a light unto others in need. May you feel your part of God's plan and creation, and be touched by the many ripples of love that embrace our world. God bless you as you grow in understanding of his knowledge and purest love!
My Eternal Love,
Betty Eadie

Betty Eadie's international best-selling books are the best and most accurate books to explain many of the answers about life and the afterlife. Her facts and details about Near-Death Experiences (NDE) are fascinating! - nemmar.page.link/238

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